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Re: How long does it take for human bone to completely fossilize?

Date: Fri Jun 3 19:01:10 2005
Posted By: Marcus Knight, Staff, Planetcare Science, Private Conservation Permaculture Consulting
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 1109815804.Es

Mineralisation of Bone depends on the enviroment that it is deposited in 
and the relative thickness of the bone. This process can take up to a 
couple of years to thousands of years. In certain conditions, such as where the 
minerals in the surrounding enviroment are extremmly soluble, the process 
will be sped up - for instance, in some places in Australia fossils can be
created in a short period of time. Scientists in have now made Petrified wood 
in the lab
in a matter of hours.
Minerals in extremely soluble conditions will penetrate bone and other organic
matter extremely quickly in the right 

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