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Subject: Does the universe care if mathematics even exists?

Date: Sat Jun 18 22:12:29 2005
Posted by Ken
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Area of science: Astronomy
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Why do we persist in trying to discribe the way the universe operates using 
the labour intensive guesstimation tool we call mathematics?  The universe 
worked just fine before "we" invented math and will work just fine after "we" 
expire.  Even if our math were "precise" in every way at discribing a process 
and able to take account of ALL interreations between all particles, what kind 
of computer could determine, as a third party, the intereasction of all other 
particles.  This appears to be the route "we" are following to discribe the 
universe which can never succeed.  There must be a better, more elegant way.

Re: Does the universe care if mathematics even exists?

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