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Subject: Can human females continue to menstruate while pregnant?

Date: Thu Jul 21 00:15:47 2005
Posted by David
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     I have had a number of women tell me that they or someone they know
continued to have their period even after they were pregnant. I have NEVER heard
a woman that married and then several years later decided to have children when
they were in their late twenties or later in life mention this problem. While
looking through this site's archives and attempting to research this on the
internet, as well as through human sexuality classes, I have NEVER heard of a
term for this phenomena nor heard mention of it. I am then wondering if these
people are mistaken or lying, or if such a condition does occur, if it is just
more likely to occur in younger women.
     From what I know about human pregnancy (I am not a doctor) it seems that
between the speed at which the woman's body is affected by the change in
hormones, as well as the presence of the mucus plug and the fact that the
placenta is formed out of the blood that coats the uteran lining, that it seems
unlikely, if not impossible, that a woman could continue their period within a
month of so of becoming pregnant.
     Please, let me know if this condition exists, and how it is or is not
possible. If it does exist, please let me know what it is called and how common
it is. Thank you very much.

Re: Can human females continue to menstruate while pregnant?

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