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Subject: Could I interview a taxonomist who visits rainforest for their work?

Date: Sat Jul 16 06:30:57 2005
Posted by Dhanya
Grade level: 7-9 School: No school entered.
City: No city entered. State/Province: No state entered. Country: Kuwait
Area of science: Botany
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I would like to become a taxonomist when I grow up,but these are some 
questions that usually came into my mind when I think of this career.It would 
be kind of you if you could answer these questions for me.
1.What are the main purposes of your visit to a rain forest?
2.How do you think about your trips to the rainforests?
3.What are the difficulties you might and you have faced there?
4.What are the basic qualities of a taxonomist that helps them on their trip?
5.What do I have to study to become a taxonomist?
6.What are the subjects that you study in the school that become useful in 
this career other than biology?
7.Are there any physical quality that you might recommend a taxonomist to 
8.What are the procedures you go through before going for a trip?
9.Do you get chances to visit ranforests of other countries other than where 
you work?
10. One of the best thing about your work?
11.Any advice you would like to give to a future taxonomist
12.Who are BEST suited for this work,boys or girls?
13.Is this career very competative?
14.Which country is the most siutable for job opportunity?
Thank you for having spent your precious time to answer my questions.

Re: Could I interview a taxonomist who visits rainforest for their work?

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