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Subject: foucusing a powerful magnetic field

Date: Thu Aug 11 11:41:00 2005
Posted by chris
Grade level: 10-12 School: JRW
City: Painesville State/Province: Ohio Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1123778460.Ph

I was thinking, that if I make an electromagnet with a strength of at least 10 
teslas, (how would I create an electromagnet with a strengh of 10+ teslas?) and 
then foucus the magnetic field, (I would foucus it by making a cone (that has a 
closed bottom) out of a powerful magnetic shielding material(such as aluminum, 
etc.) and then cut out the very top of the cone, so that it has an opening with 
a very small area.) that the result would be that foucusing the magnetic field 
would make it stronger, so that if I aim it at matter, that the matter would 
deform, liquify, or vaporize. Would foucusing a magnetic field make the 
magnetic field stronger? Would a strong enough magnetic field deform, liquify, 
or vaporize matter?(I asked this before, but I didn't find anything in the 
archives that answers this.)

Re: foucusing a powerful magnetic field

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