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Subject: Link between magnetism and gravity

Date: Fri Aug 5 05:27:38 2005
Posted by Valerie
Grade level: 10-12 School: St. Aloysius' College
City: Carrigtwohill State/Province: Cork Country: Ireland
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1123237658.Ph

I have recently just finished a science project on magnetism and I was thinking 
on ways to continue my project when I thought of gravity and how magnetism and 
gravity could possibly be connected.  I went online and got loads on hits, a 
few were about UT Unified Theory and the Grand Unification Theory.  I couldn’t 
make any sense of what I was reading though and now I’m horribly confused is 
there actually some link between magnetism and gravity or is there some other 
link between electricity, gravity, magnetism and mechanics and Maxwell’s 
Equations.  I would much appreciate it if you could tell me is there actually 
some link between gravity and magnetism and does UT actually have something to 
do with the connection between gravity and magnetism

Re: Link between magnetism and gravity

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