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Subject: Why do plants have more DNA but less genetic material than animals?

Date: Thu Aug 11 07:51:19 2005
Posted by mitch bowden
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Area of science: Evolution
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I'm not a student nor scientist. My question is motivated by the evolution/
intelligent design controversy. It seems to me that DNA is as much a historical 
record of random adaptation failures as it is lifes building blocks. Which is 
why I wonder if plants have more DNA but less genetic activity than animals 
simply because they've been around much longer but needed to adapt less. I 
suppose one could then argue that if DNA and genetic material create everything 
based on random adaptation then someone/thing intelligent must have created DNA. 
Conversely, one could also argue the case that life really isn't (wasn't) all 
that complex to begin with but became so as a result of so much random trial and 
error and DNA could have easily developed (without intelligent intervention) 
simply because the basic components happened to be at the same place at the same 
time and interected in a way that started the chain genetic events.

Re: Why do plants have more DNA but less genetic material than animals?

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