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Re: out of the nine planets which planet used to have a different name

Date: Wed Aug 31 18:32:44 2005
Posted By: Douglas Eaton, Staff, Engineering, Varian Medical Systems
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1124669816.As

Hi Sally,

I hope this answer is not disappointing to you, since your question 
suggests that there is only one planet, that sometime in the past, went by 
a different name.

In reality, all of the planets have multiple names.  This makes sense for 
many reasons.  There are many languages spoken by people both now and in 
the past.  For this very reason every planet has multiple names, depending 
on the language, and also how the current language may have derived from 
ancient languages.

Jupiter, for example, is called Zeus by the Greeks and Giove by the 

Earth is Terra in Latin, and derivations of Terra within Western Europe.  
The Greeks call it Gaea.

I've attached a web link that shows all of the different names of the 
planets, the Earths moon and the sun within many of the common and ancient 
languages that 
are spoken.

I hope this helps!


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