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Subject: Knowing that the brain is capable of neurogenesis throughout the lifetime i

Date: Fri Sep 2 16:19:43 2005
Posted by Traci
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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Currently children who have ADHD and other closely associated disorders are 
treated with stimulant drugs. To me this seems to mask the underlying problem 
of what is causing the low levels of the neurotransmitters. In looking over 
your archives I found in one of your answers the following quote"new 
connections between the neural cells involved in learning that task are formed. 
So every time the task is repeated, there are more connections made within the 
neural network, and the brain gets better at performing that task". I ask this 
question because if the brain is capable of neurogenesis it would seem to me 
that the question of how to get the brain to naturally produce the 
neurotransmitters would be a much better overall approach to combating this 
growing problem. I an extremely new to the area of neuroscience and what little 
I do know has been self taught so I apologize if this question does not make 
any sense or has already been answered. Any help you could provide would be 
greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Traci Hooks

Re: Knowing that the brain is capable of neurogenesis throughout the lifetime i

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