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Re: What is pseudo-confocal microscopy, and how is it done?

Date: Wed Sep 7 10:17:16 2005
Posted By: De McKeown, Staff, Mechanical Engineering, TIAX LLC
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1122981354.Ph

There is no one answer to your question.  Pseudo-confocal microscopy is 
basically any attempt to cheat out of doing the real thing.  Confocal 
microscopy uses both eyes in order to give you some depth perception on 
the slide itself.  This is advantageous for the user to get a better idea 
of edges, thickness, and overlaps without dying the specimen.  So there 
are a couple of methods to do this, the one I know most about is DIC, 
Diffferential Interference Contrast, which uses two prisms to refract the 
light at varying wavelengths to 'pop' the edges.  This website gives you 
the basics on a couple of other methods.  Good luck!

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