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Re: Is there any way to safely elongate your neck by one inch?

Date: Wed Sep 7 00:33:53 2005
Posted By: Shantanu Amar, Medical student, Student, Tianjin Medical University
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1125382459.An

Miss Darla,
The Procedure you are talking about,i.e the neck elongation is 
called "cervical traction",where "cervical" means realated to neck 
and "traction" means A pulling or dragging force exerted on a limb in a 
distal direction.
There are a lot of companies that offer you gadgets or appliances that 
would help you in the process of neck elongation,if you wan't one you can just try a google search. As 
far as the safety factor is concerned,till date I 
haven't seen anyone trying on these things...and the saftey has not been established.
Well In the end i would like to just tell you that every individual is 
unique,and Admire your beauty yourselves and the world will 
automatically start admiring your beauty.

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