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Re: why do some crayons float and others sink?

Date: Tue Sep 13 06:54:22 2005
Posted By: Keith Allison, , dept: New Product, Technology & Development, Binney & Smith, Inc. (Crayola)
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1126554009.Ch

Dear Sarah,

I am a crayon and marker scientist for Crayola (Binney & Smith, Inc.) All crayons are made of wax. Since wax floats, all crayons should float. However, there is one more ingredient that goes into a crayon: PIGMENT (color)... Pigments come in all shapes and sizes. Some pigments are heavier (more dense) than water. If crayons have heavy pigments in them, then they will sink in water. Metallic crayons will sink, and some glitter crayons as well.

With Regards,

"Dr. Crayola"

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