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Subject: Will beer freeze as a mixture (ethanol/H2O), or individually (only the H2O)

Date: Wed Aug 31 15:45:01 2005
Posted by Wolf
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I realize this was asked before, but Im looking for a more specific answer.
There seem to be 2 answers to this question, which is correct? I would
intuitively say that the beer would freeze as a mixture (at a lower temp as
well). This is along the same lines as adding salt to water to lower the
freezing point. However, Ice Beer is produced by freezing the beer, then
separating the water crystals (which also contain insoluble polyphenols and
proteins among other compounds which in turn all leads to a smoother, stronger
beer.) It seems that the production of Ice Beer does not agree with the laws of
chemistry/physics....To clarify my question, why during Ice beer production,
does the alcohol not freeze with the water?? I realize that the freezing point
of pure alcohol is -117.3 degrees C, but in a dilute solution (such as beer, I
would think it would freeze as a solution).

Re: Will beer freeze as a mixture (ethanol/H2O), or individually (only the H2O)

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