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Subject: Measuring pressure with no flow

Date: Fri Aug 26 13:51:15 2005
Posted by David
Grade level: undergrad School: University of Minnesota/Institute of Technology
City: Minneapolis State/Province: mn Country: US
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1125082275.Eg

Iím planning on building a submarine for my ME robot class thatís about to 
start.  I want to control its depth by opening a valve and allowing water to 
enter and air to escape.  At certain depths I want to shut the valve off and 
make the sub neutrally buoyant thus not sinking.  I imagine the pressures 
inside the sub and the water outside must be the same for it not to sink.  
How/what instruments will allow me to measure the pressure inside the sub and 
outside?  Some kind of sensor?  How do real subs do these? I can't touch it 
after I turn it on, it has to operate by itself.  I know how to program in 
basic so I plan on using the small circuit boards the class provides.  Iím sure 
there is also some equation like Pinside + weight = PoutsideÖ any help there?  
Thanks for your time

Re: Measuring pressure with no flow

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