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Subject: Concentration of amino acid ionic species

Date: Sat Sep 17 19:39:52 2005
Posted by Patty McClarren
Grade level: undergrad School: FSU
City: Tallahassee State/Province: FL Country: USA
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1127011192.Bc

How do you deduce what the concentration of a particular species of an amino 
acid is if you are given the pH and concentration of the solution.  I know 
you're supposed to use the Henderson-Hasselbach equation, but that only gives 
ratios.  I guess my question is how do you turn that ratio into a precise 
concentration of one particular species. (i.e. Given pH4, 0.1M arginine, what 
is the concentration of R^2+, how much is R^1+, R^0)

Re: Concentration of amino acid ionic species

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