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Subject: maglev - the em drag between a moving conductor and a magnet

Date: Sat Apr 30 13:27:00 2005
Posted by abdul
Grade level: teacher/prof School: sam tet
City: Ipoh State/Province: Perak Country: Malaysia
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1114885620.Ph

I am doing a STUDY of EM drag force between a moving conductor and a permanent 
magnet. I understand that a conductor moving with a velocity v over a permanent 
magnet will experience a REPULSIVE force.  The formula for that force is as 

Lift force = (Mu*I*I/4*pi*h)(v*v/(v*v + w*w))

Drag Force = (w/v)*Lift Force


Mu = magnetic permeabilty of vacum
I = Current generated in conductor
h = separation between permagnet and conductor
v = velocity of conductor
w = charateristic velocity
sigma = conductivity of conductor
delta = conductor thickness.

w = The velocity where the EM DRAG is maximum

The formula shows that the charateristic velocity  varies inversley with the 
thickness of the conductor.  This means:
1.  If thickness approaches ZERO w approaches infinity!
2.  If thickness approaches infinity w approaches zero!

Are these deductions correct.? What part does the EDDY CURRENT penetration 
depth plays in this?

Re: maglev - the em drag between a moving conductor and a magnet

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