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Subject: Are there any cyclized proteins?

Date: Wed Oct 12 21:47:39 2005
Posted by Ralph
Grade level: undergrad School: UMD
City: College Park State/Province: MD Country: USA
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1129178859.Bc

I was wondering if there are any proteins where the polypeptide chains
intentionally link the N-terminus to the C-terminus to cyclize the chain?
I thought some protein must do this since there's always a free amino and
carboxy end floating around, but my TA didn't know of anything like this.

Or could you have a protein with a lot of prolines that kinks around the
ribosome as the peptide chain elongates so that it re-attaches with the
C-terminal end? 

Re: Are there any cyclized proteins?

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