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Subject: why closed eyes when kiss?

Date: Mon Oct 17 13:18:18 2005
Posted by Dr. Lydia Hartunian
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Kirkwood Community College
City: Iowa CIty State/Province: IA Country: USA
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 1129580298.Ev

Dear MAD--recently a local NPR show was trying to figure out why people tend to 
close their eyes when they kiss.  My suggestion was that it is in part a 
protective reflex as object (face) nears the eyes and then in part 
psychological to try and maintain the "passionate" state of mind.  My question, 
however, is what may be the evolutionary reason to the "closed-eye kiss?"

Thank you kindly for your theories!
Dr. Lydia Hartunian

Re: why closed eyes when kiss?

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