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Re: I am looking for ideas on making an edible animal cell.

Date: Mon Oct 24 17:05:59 2005
Posted By: Ralph Johnson, Staff, Agricultural Quarantine, US Customs and Border Protection
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1129816102.Cb


Before starting, it's important to ask some important questions:
What kind of edible object can we use that will resemble a cell and can 
last 3 days without refrigeration? What are the components of the cell we 
want to resemble? Do we want to model an animal or plant cell? A good 
suggestion for a cell would be a baked pie such as sweet potato or pumpkin 
pie. Assuming that you want to model an animal cell, you may want to 
include the following structures: Cytoplasm, cell membrane, vacuoles, 
mitochondria, lysosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, nucleus, 
chromosomes, and Golgi apparatus. My suggestions for cell structures are 
as follows:
*Cell wall with cytoplasm (light colored sweet potato pie with dark crust
*Nucleus - Licorice stick bent in the shape of a circle
*Mitochondria - Condensed spiral shaped speghetti (cooked)
*Vacuoles - vanilla waffers
*Lysosomes - White Jelly beans
*Endoplasmic Reticulum - 3 or 4 Strips of cooked speghetti
*Ribosomes - Nutmeg
*Golgi Apparatus - Grahm crackers inserted vertically into the pie 
*Chromosomes - Small piece of cooked speghetti placed inside the Nucleus. 

For a particularly good web site on the structure and function of a 
cellwith good diagrams on the organization of an animal or plant cell, 
please see, also for a good recipe on sweet potato pie, 
please see

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