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Subject: Will a 60 decibel sound be heard at 300 feet?

Date: Tue Oct 4 07:09:30 2005
Posted by patrick
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Area of science: Biophysics
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I want to know if a 60 decibel sound (a beep) 300 feet away can be heard by a 
human. I would think so, but how does one know what the range would be? I have 
looked for a graph that might demonstrate this, but haven't found anything. 
Assume the human has normal hearing. I am not sure how hertz works in this as 
well. I would like to know how to calculate this so I could know, 
given "normal" hearing, that a 40 decibel sound could be heard, or a 30 decibel 
sound, etc.

Re: Will a 60 decibel sound be heard at 300 feet?

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