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Subject: Try to imagine this Solar System, please...

Date: Mon Oct 31 14:18:25 2005
Posted by Devin
Grade level: 10-12 School: Buena Park High School
City: Buena Park State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1130793505.As

...okay, the solar system consists of two large suns perpendicular in a spiral
solar system.  In the center is a planet.  This planet is habitable to
human-like beings.  On a track around that are three planets that vary in size.
 One is a red-orange like planet like mars.  The others are habitable like
earth.  Then, on a track around that, there are the identical suns,
perpendicular to each other.  The track around that holds two planets,
perendicular, like the two suns.  One is a swamp, foresty like planet.  The
other is a barren blue planet.  Somewhat like mars.  After all of this rambling,
I would like to know if this solar sytem has a chance.  Is it possible for this
solar system to exist such as described.  If you please, if you can not or will
not answer my question, then direct me somewhere that I may  find an answer to this.

Re: Try to imagine this Solar System, please...

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