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Subject: Do you know why dinoflagellates produce toxins?

Date: Thu Nov 10 11:55:42 2005
Posted by Mary
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Metro State
City: Denver State/Province: CO Country: USA
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
ID: 1131648942.En

I am asking this question because all the research that I have come up with has 
mentioned nothing about why they produce the toxin, it mentions what the toxin 
does, but not why it was produced. I'm trying to become a biology teacher in a 
highschool, and I taught a lesson on Red tides. A student, of course, came up 
with the one question that I did not know, "why are they produced?" And I CANT 
find it anywhere. Do they produce it because of a predator-prey relationship 
or? Thanks for your time. Please let me know, so I can go back and tell the 
class that I am working with the answer!

Re: Do you know why dinoflagellates produce toxins?

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