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Subject: what is the chemical equation for rust when salt water is used?

Date: Mon Dec 5 09:58:34 2005
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> I am doing a science fair project on different products that can melt 
> ice in winter.  As an application, I am showing that salt causes the 
corrosion in cars to speed up.Although I have never studied how to write a 
chemical equation, I think it would be fun to display a chemical equation for 
iron and salt water creating rust.  Ie was able to find a basic equation for 
iron and oxygen.  4Fe + 3O2 - 2 Fe2O3 (and I even learned what it means) I do 
not know how to incorporate salt water into the equation.  This is strictly 
for display purposes. Can you please help?
> Thank you

Re: what is the chemical equation for rust when salt water is used?

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