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Re: Lorentz force on a current-carrying ring from a straight conductor

Date: Wed Dec 14 21:05:35 2005
Posted By: Prater Brian D., Staff, Magnetics, Cavetronics R&D labs
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1133460179.Ph

I am not sure if they have a mathematical equation 
for the force that is exerted on the Ring because of the conductor's 
magnetic field would change with amount of current with the rings varable 
current overlays of the magnetic domains within the core field , im sure 
you could do it as you stated by hand but i dont think that it is in a 
mathematical equation ,but you can use the mathematical equation part that 
you know already and fill in the other places by hand using meters and 
ect.. or come to a very close guess as to what you are looking for . 

thing is all the math is right but what other effects like the magnetic 
fields that are around the unit and so on all count so this is like a base 
state to start with as far as the mathematical equations , you will need 
to do some by hand as you stated...hope this helps some what ?

I will look around some more and see if i can find a easyer way .

Brian Prater

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