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Subject: My science project is growing crystals in household 'chemicals', water, . .

Date: Tue Nov 22 22:50:25 2005
Posted by Linda
Grade level: 4-6 School: home schooled
City: Newport News State/Province: VA Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1132725025.Ch

My four liquids are water, white vinegar, sprite and isopropyl alcohol(70% pure). I wanted to know how crystal growth would be affected by different liquids. My hypothesis is that the alcohol would effect it the most.

I have two questions. I boiled all the liquids and then created a super- saturated liquid by adding 7 tablespoons of salt - one tablespoon at a time. I placed a cotton string tied to a paper clip and dropped the paper clip in the liquid.

Question 1) In the glass jar with the alcohol the liquid seems to have seperated, approximately 70% is a totally clear liquid and is on the top (I am guessing this to be the alcohol) and a cloudy liquid just below the clear and just above the salt at which did not dissolve completely and is now at the bottom of the jar(I am guessing the water in the isopropyl alcohol). There appears to be some small crystalization on the string in the cloudy portion of the liquid. Is my assumption true and if so what is happening?

2) All liquids aside from the alcohol are growing crystals - the crystals in the vinegar look longer and thinner than the crystals in the water and in the sprite although there are cube shaped crystals on the string too. What kinds of crystals am I growing in each liquid? Are they all salt or is somthing else going on? Where can I find the chemical formulas for vinegar and for sprite? The sprite crsytals look slightly different too.

Thank you,
A. Mesibov

Re: My science project is growing crystals in household 'chemicals', water, . .

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