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Subject: How to find the Magnetic Monopoles ?

Date: Fri Dec 16 04:23:26 2005
Posted by Birol
Grade level: grad (science) School: Independent Researcher
City: Istanbul State/Province: Marmara Country: TURKEY
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1134732206.Ph

In 1931 P.A.M. Dirac first put forward the idea of the magnetic monopole, 
according his quantization condition the hypothetical existence of a magnetic 
monopole would imply that the electric charge must be quantized in certain 
units; also, the existence of the electric charges implies that the magnetic 
charges of the hypothetical magnetic monopoles, must be quantized in units 
inverse to the elementary electric charge.

If we make an assumption and say : monopoles do exist, they are not rare and 
detecting experimets are flawless, but we are still not able to detect them.
How can we explain this situation ?

Could they have some properties which prevent them from being detected by our 
current experimental designs ? Is this a possibilty ?

However some efforts have been made to explain why we don't see them. Standard 
Big Bang cosmology suggests that monopoles should be plentiful -- this is one 
of the problems which inflation theory claims to correct, The currently popular 
inflationary model of cosmology predicts that magnetic monopoles would not be 

So, should the Cosmic Inflation model be considered to solve this observative 
problem for the Magnetic Monopoles ?

Yours Sincerely

Re: How to find the Magnetic Monopoles ?

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