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Subject: Would explosive weapons be effective in space?

Date: Thu Jan 5 14:27:34 2006
Posted by Mike
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City: Pretoria State/Province: Gauteng Country: South Africa
Area of science: Physics
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A high-explosive missile or shell, fired at a target combat vehicle on Earth 
will generally blow it to pieces. But consider the weaponry of our future space 
combat vehicles. How effective would explosive weapons be in the near vacuum of 
space, considering that a major component of explosives damage comes from the 
shockwave that is generated upon detonation in an atmosphere? I'm asking this 
because I'd like to know how off the mark are films and games concerning 
explosive weapons in space. Will space-based weapons be limited to non-
explosive missile and radiation types such as railguns and lasers?

Re: Would explosive weapons be effective in space?

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