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Re: Could there be mini black holes less then the plank mass black holes?

Date: Fri Jan 13 11:01:24 2006
Posted By: Prater Brian D., Staff, Magnetics, Cavetronics R&D labs
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1125604356.Ph

Yes mini black holes are all around us and being formed and drafted but If 
some of physicists' favourite theories about extra dimensions are 
correct,as my own, it would also be possible for high-energy cosmic-ray 
particles from space to create black holes when they collide with 
molecules in the Earth's atmosphere (New Scientist print edition, 29 
September 2001

These black holes would be invisibly small, with a mass of only 10 
micrograms or so. And they would be so unstable that they would explode in 
a burst of particles within around a billion-billion-billionth of a 

Theodore Tomaras, a physicist at the University of Crete in Heraklion, 
Greece, and his Russian colleagues Andrei Mironov and Alexei Morozov 
wondered if these mini black holes might explain some strange observations 
made by cosmic-ray detectors in the Bolivian Andes and on a mountain in 
Tajikistan, central Asia. 

The detectors record showers of particles that cascade through the 
atmosphere when a high-energy cosmic-ray particle smashes into molecules 

In 1972, the Andean detector registered a mysterious signal. In contrast 
to a normal cosmic-ray collision, the cascade was unusually rich in 
charged, quark-based particles and far more particles turned up in the 
bottom part of the detector than in the top part. It was dubbed 
a "Centauro" event, because it looked like a little head on a surprisingly 
big body, like the half-man half-horse centaurs of mythology. 

Since then, the detectors in Bolivia and Tajikistan have clocked up more 
than 40 Centauro-like events. Several explanations have been suggested: 
they might arise when hypothetical nuggets of strange-type quarks hit the 
detectors, or if the strong force between particles behaves unexpectedly 
when they have enormously high energies.

Natural explanation
But exploding black holes also fit the bill. The team has worked out what 
signal a detector should see if a cosmic ray creates a mini black hole 
that explodes nearby. The researchers' prediction is consistent with the 
Centauro-like events.

"We might be wrong, but it looks to us more natural than all other 
existing explanations," says Tomaras. The team hopes that detailed 
analysis of future Centauro-like events, as well as computer simulations 
of mini black holes exploding, will help to resolve the issue.

If they are right, the consequences would be stunning. As well as proving 
that tiny black holes exist, it would unveil hidden dimensions in our 

It would also show that the CERN particle physics laboratory near Geneva 
will soon be able to churn out black holes to order. Particle collisions 
at the Large Hadron Collider, due to start in 2007, would have enough 
energy to create thousands of black holes every day.

Thus I will state yes black holes are every where .... here is a link with 
some more info

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