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Re: 1133795165.Ph Re:Lorentz force on a Helmholtz coil exerted from a conduct

Date: Mon Jan 30 12:06:36 2006
Posted By: Adrian E. Popa, Retired Laboratory Director
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1133887633.Ph

Greetings Nikolaos:

I'm having difficulty understanding what the problem is. A Helmholtz
coil is just two coaxial circular turns, separated by a special distance
that makes the region between the turns have the "most uniform" field.
But I don't know where the "conductor" referred to in your question
is located with respect to the coil turns.

The answer from B. D. Prater appears to be for the trajectory of an electron injected
into this more-or-less uniform field region, a circle. Can you provide
more specific information about the experiment and to what the force is
applied to that you are asking about?

Best regards for the New Year, Your Mad Scientist
Adrian Popa

[note added by MadSci Admin: If you provide more information please do so by submitting a followon question at the Question page.]

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