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Subject: is evolution truely random?

Date: Wed Feb 8 02:11:25 2006
Posted by jason
Grade level: grad (science) School: No school entered.
City: Wakefield State/Province: Yorkshire Country: UK
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 1139389885.Ev

I understand and believe the theory of evolution.
I was just wondering if it is purely random, i.e. if radiation is the driver of 
genetic random mutations, then could it be true that some genes die because of 
radiation and the surviving genes are the genes which are more predisposed to 
mutation; not only that but could these surviving genes be set on a particular 
course or road as it were, which makes them more inclined to follow a 
particular ¡°destiny¡± of mutation.
For example, if a gene is made some things, we can call them ¡°x y and z¡±; now 
if these genes are hit by radiation and ¡®x¡¯ dies, but ¡®y¡¯ is modified 
slightly, then I would assume that the particular part of ¡®y¡¯ that has been 
modified will be inclined to change in the same way, next time it is effected 
by radiation and mutates.
Imagine a stone on a beach, if it is slightly round then the waves will roll it 
back and forth making it more round with time, whereas a flat stone will tend 
to remain flat.

Thanks for your time; I really hope you understand my poor attempt at 
Jason Bloomfield

Re: is evolution truely random?

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