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Subject: Isnt Gravity Perpetual Energy?

Date: Mon Feb 6 08:27:49 2006
Posted by Jason
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City: Clinton Township State/Province: Michigan Country: United States
Area of science: Physics
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I have read some of your responses to a question about a perpetual generator. I
know all about newtons laws and all, but in the answer the scientist basically
said that tring to create such a device was basically a waste of time? Through
the ages many scientific facts have come to be disproven only to be used as
stepping stones to a better equation. In fact didn't Einstien come up with an
acceptable update of gravitational thoery? I wonder why it is not used? So back
to my question. We still do not know the source of power for gravity. And also
it seems to have no end to it at all? Does that qualify as perpetual energy? If
so are the possibility not endless? As scientists' I believe it is your duty to
push the envelope and always question everything. Even if that means going back
over current theorys to see if there is something we missed. I should think we
should never discourage someone from tring to create a new and wonderful device.
Even if it seems impossible. After all we can only make scientific equations
after there is something to prove the existance of it. After all the wheel was
invented before you could make equations to explain it.

Re: Isnt Gravity Perpetual Energy?

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