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Subject: Why are you dividing power by the square root of 3?

Date: Wed Dec 7 22:54:19 2005
Posted by Travis Cook
Grade level: undergrad School: Y.S.U.
City: Youngstown State/Province: Ohio Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1134021259.Eg

I'm confused after reading your article about 3 phase power. You say "So the 
power in any phase, assuming, again, a balanced load is the line voltage times 
the line current divided by the square root of 3." Why are you diving by sqrt 
3? If im pulling 10 amps on any 1 phase of 120V unless im really missing 
something thats 1200 Watts. Assuming a balanced load of 10 amps on all 3 phases 
(like a 3 phase motor) this would be 3600 watts to my knowledge. I hope you can 
clear this up.

Travis Cook

Re: Why are you dividing power by the square root of 3?

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