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Subject: human firefly virus on the wild

Date: Sun Jan 22 17:31:12 2006
Posted by Tiago
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Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1137976272.Ge

I've seen news reports about rats monkeys and pigs that were geneticly
engineered to have the glow in the dark gene from an algi(spelling?). could a
virus aquire that gene from those specimens and end up crossing the species
barrier and infecting humans with the green glow genes?

I believe it woulnd be extremellly hard  to have the virus cross the barrier,
since viruses have crossed from species much more distant to humans (bird flu
for example), pigs rats and monkeys have been used in researches because from
their similarities in many aspects to humans, so i believe a virus comming from
the would have relative easyness when trying to infect humans, but I might be

Re: human firefly virus on the wild

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