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Subject: Can a DNA test distinguish paternity between brothers?

Date: Fri Mar 10 08:19:10 2006
Posted by Michelle
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Area of science: Genetics
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Brother A and  Brother B has slept with Mother A.  Mother A becomes pregnant.  
Now Mother A wants to know if he is the biological father of the offspring.  
Can a DNA test accurately determine the paternity?  If only one brother gets 
tested, and the results show its 99.7% and also states that out of 3471 to 1 
that he is the father most likely that he is the parent. The other brother will 
not be tested willingly. Should the other brother be made to be tested to make 
sure that brother A is positively the father? To what degree of certainty?  
Both brothers share the same parents, obviously.

Re: Can a DNA test distinguish paternity between brothers?

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