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Subject: Phytate Interference With Mineral Absorption

Date: Fri Mar 10 15:42:08 2006
Posted by Matthew
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Area of science: Biochemistry
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As I understand it phytates from certain uncooked foods (oats, nuts, etc) can 
interfere with mineral absorption. I am interested in the real world affect 
this would have on disrupting absorption of minerals from mineral supplements. 
For example, if taking a zinc or iron supplement in the AM would it be ideal 
to avoid foods high in phytates to increase absorption? If so, for how long 
after taking said supplements would one refrain from eating foods high in 

If taking mineral supplements in the evening, how long should one wait after 
having a meal high in phytates before consuming supplements? I know there are 
many variables which might affect absorption, however I am just looking for a 
general guideline. 

I have already read answer #1129354245.Bc, and my request is different 
in nature. I am looking for information regarding maximal absorption as I am a 
professional bodybuilder. 

Thank you!

Re: Phytate Interference With Mineral Absorption

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