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Subject: Do any large reptiles live in cold/cool locations?

Date: Tue Feb 14 12:02:41 2006
Posted by Mike
Grade level: nonaligned School: None
City: Pretoria State/Province: Gauteng Country: South Africa
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1139943761.Zo

By large, I mean crocodilian size. And by cold, I mean wherever the temperature 
reaches 0 degrees Centigrade/32 degrees Fahrenheit/273 Kelvin and beyond. I 
hate to admit this, but a lot of people I know vehemently agree that the Loch 
Ness Monster exists. Yes, I know, I rolled my eyeballs too. But no amount of 
eyeball rolling will change that fact. All I can do is to put together an 
arsenal of facts and endeavor to exorcize the demons of stupidity. Not only do 
these people think the monster exists, they believe it's a Plesiosaur or 
something similar. That's a big reptile. As far as I'm concerned, in my non-PhD 
Zoology opinion, it's just too cold for a reptile of that size to survive in 
Loch Ness. Of course my opinion counts for nothing unless I have something to 
back it up. To get to the point: are there any exceptions to the rule that 
large reptiles are simply unable to survive in areas where it isn't hot year 

Re: Do any large reptiles live in cold/cool locations?

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