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Subject: Is there an Upper limit for the EM waves in the Universe ?

Date: Wed Mar 29 03:18:40 2006
Posted by Birol
Grade level: grad (science) School: Independent Researcher
City: Istanbul State/Province: Marmara Country: TURKEY
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1143627520.Ph

1- In reality is there an upper limit for the EM Spectrum ?
2- Is there a border in the EM spectrum for the upper limits where the 
behaviour of the wave, may change and not obey to the Maxwell's equations ? 
Why ?
3- As mentioned above, if the frequency of the Planck length is taken into 
account, this results with a frequency in the magnitude of 10^42 Hz., is it 
possible to observe such high frequency EM waves in the Universe ? Why/ Where ?
4- In some extraordinary experimets (The frequency of the human aura, pyramid 
energy etc…) it is stated from freqeuncies in the magnitude of 10^100Hz., 
10^140 Hz, is that possible ? How can such high EM waves be detected ?
5- Taking also question (4) into account, what is the treshold frequency for 
the upper limit of the EM waves, so that, the electron in the wire could not 
detect/see it, like in the human nervous system analogy ?
(It is also possible to visualize this question for a free electron in space, 
which is emitted to very high frequency EM waves !)
6- Assume you get the output of a Tesla coil (secondary coil) and use this high 
frequency current for the input for another Tesla coil (to reach very high 
frequencies !!!)
Do you think that this experiment could be possible ? What would you expect to 
observe ?

Re: Is there an Upper limit for the EM waves in the Universe ?

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