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Subject: Can both homozygous forms be expressed together

Date: Wed Mar 29 08:50:02 2006
Posted by Clara
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Area of science: Genetics
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Recently in an exam I got a question about a genetic disorder (human) where it 
said that the disorder was expressed for the homozygous trait (it did not state 
whether the expression was for the dominant or recessive alleles). It then 
asked the question if both parents were heterozygous what would the chance of 
the child having the disorder.  I know in normal circumstances the disease 
would express for those who are either homozygous recessive or in some cases 
for the homozygous dominant trait and therefore be 25%.  But is there ever a 
case that the disease would express in both homozygous dominant and recessive 
cases and therefore the chance of an offspring having it be 50%. I am wondering 
as the question did not need us to know the genetic nature of the disease?

Many thanks.

Re: Can both homozygous forms be expressed together

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