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Re: what is the maximum tolerence of the ear drum

Date: Tue Apr 11 13:03:48 2006
Posted By: Sam Reyes, Otolaryngolgogy Resident
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1144282208.An

The mechanical properties of the human tympanic membrane (ear drum) have been studied fairly well. Here are a couple of the measured and modeled parameters that have been studied.

Elastic Modulus
Between 0.1 and 0.3 GPa

From: Fay J, Puria S, Decraemer WF, Steele C. Three approaches for estimating the elastic modulus of the tympanic membrane. J Biomech. 2005 Sep;38(9):1807-15.

Tensile Strength
"The adjusted values for fresh human specimens were 2.56 at a right angle to the radial fibres and 3.28 parallel to them.

Note: is a kilogram of force per square mm

From: Yamamoto N, Ishii T, Machida T. Measurement of the mechanical properties of the tympanic membrane with a microtension tester. Acta Otolaryngol. 1990 Jul-Aug;110(1-2):85-91. Related Articles, Links

These and other articles can be found on with the terms "tympanic membrane mechanical properties"

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