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Subject: FollowOn 1139487116.Ph (to Mr. Adrian Popa)

Date: Tue Apr 18 00:31:03 2006
Posted by Nikos
Grade level: grad (science) School: No school entered.
City: No city entered. State/Province: No state entered. Country: Greece
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1145345463.Ph

Hello Mr.Popa. I want to thank you again for your help on my question. Iím 
sending this follow-up to check if the other expert you mentioned can help to 
finalize this issue.  Also, I would like (if possible) your opinion on the 
following: please assume that you have a Helmholtz coil arrangement (2 coils 
vertically positioned) and you put a conductor (straight wire) right between 
them (at a distance radius/2 from each coil). 1)What is the force that is 
applied to the conductor because of Helmholtz coils magnetic field? ,and 2)If 
you put a ferromagnetic core inside both coils (to increase the Helmholtz 
magnetic field), what is the force that is applied to the core because of the 
conductorís magnetic field?

Re: FollowOn 1139487116.Ph (to Mr. Adrian Popa)

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