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Subject: What is the location of the US' first morning light?

Date: Sun Jan 29 04:03:32 2006
Posted by David Bailey
Grade level: nonaligned School: N/A
City: Warren State/Province: ME Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1138532612.As

Want to know the angle, curvature, location of arc that morning US sunlight 
makes? Whether, say, it is Maine or Florida, and also whether the leading edge 
of the morning unlight is more northern or more southern; that is, whether the 
north of Maine or Florida, or the south of Maine or Florida gets light first.

If the surface area of the US was rectangular with the length exactly parallel 
to the trajectory of the sun's path across the sky from east to west, there 
should be two points, northern and southern, that get first morning light at 
exactly the same time.

But border of the US' surface area is not the perimeter of a rectangle, more 
to the point is that the eastern border is irregular, so there should be only 
one point on the US' eastern border that gets the sun's first morning light.


Re: What is the location of the US' first morning light?

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