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Subject: Is visual or Audio information better remembered?

Date: Wed Feb 22 16:26:47 2006
Posted by Reynaldo
Grade level: 4-6 School: I.S383
City: Brooklyn State/Province: NY Country: USA
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1140650807.Ns

The above topic is what I have got to do for my school's science fair. I have gotten some information because I do believe that audio is better remembered, but my problem is now having to find a way to interpret that concept through a graphic presentation. I need to come up with an idea/experiment to show why I believe audio is better remembered, and I don't quite know how. I could probably do a timeline, but I have already decided to do that with for my social studies project, and don't want to use that same idea. Can you please help me.

Re: Is visual or Audio information better remembered?

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