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Subject: Can Snails Learn From Their Mistakes?

Date: Mon Apr 10 09:23:00 2006
Posted by Melanie
Grade level: undergrad School: University Of Nottingham
City: Nottingham State/Province: No state entered. Country: UK
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1144686180.Zo

We keep Giant African Land snails for pets, and they have a habit of climbing 
onto the lid of their tank, hanging there, and eventually loosing suction and 
falling off. Some have cracked their shells, so I started to remove them when I 
found them on the tank lid. However my housemate, a zoologist, told me not to 
or "how else would they learn?". I didn't think snails had the capacity to 
learn, but she claims they do. So, will our snails learn from their mistakes 
and stop damaging themselves, or are they as dumb (wonderful pets and cute but 
dumb) as I think?

Re: Can Snails Learn From Their Mistakes?

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