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Subject: questions about a siphon

Date: Thu Jun 8 18:05:55 2006
Posted by Joseph
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Kranji Secondary School
City: Singapore State/Province: No state entered. Country: Republic of Singapore
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1149815155.Ph


i would like to inquire how does an inverted siphon works? how can it carry 
water from lower level to higher level?

can an inverted siphon be used in submerged condition?

if i have a tubine which draws water out from a container and in the same 
drawing out direction, there is also an air tube which pumps out air bubbles 
to create cavitation, will i still be able to create a siphon?

the inlet tube for the container is situated at the top of the front face 
while the turbine and the outlet tube is situated at the bottom of the back 
face. the turbine will draw the water out from the container creating the 
first suction....then the air tube which is located behind the turbine will 
create air bubbles which will create spaces that will remove the water 
resistance from the water.

thus the water from the container should flow out without much resistance 
thereby increasing the efficiency of the siphon.

will this idea work?

is there also a way to show graphics to illustrate the idea?

Thank You Very Much

joseph sim

Re: questions about a siphon

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