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Re: Physical brain changes at death

Date: Fri Jun 16 09:35:53 2006
Posted By: Bernadette Baca, Health Physicist, Division of Reactor Safety
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1150315696.Gb

I'm not sure if anyone has been able to pin-point an egress or emission 
point for the soul -  theoretically or hypothetically.  There are many 
thoughts as to where it may emit from.  From other fictitious stories, the 
most common emission point appears to be the pineal gland.  Some of the 
major thriller and suspence writer has used this particular gland.  
However, I do not have any other sources as I have had a difficult time 
locating any scientific, definite sources for that "emission point" or any 
other.  With near death experiences, which may be similar to the events 
you are searching for, most articles tell only of the soul floating or 
leaving the body, hovering near by for some time then leaving.  They do 
not point to any scientific or other studies to determine a single 
emission point.  I imagine right now the largest scope of study is to 
determine and prove there is a soul.  After proving there is a soul, then 
maybe the next generation of studies will be to find the central location 
in the body for the soul.

I do have some websites and other references that might help you with your 
understanding and story:

1.  Hypothesis Concerning Soul Substance Together with Experimental 
Evidence of The Existence of Such Substance

2.  "The Biology of Death: Origins of Mortality" by Andre Klarsfeld, 
Frederic Revah, Lydia Brady (Translator); ISBN: 0801441188

3.  "Death: The Great Mystery of Life" by Herbie Brennan; ISBN: 0786710446

4.  The Resurrector - International Network for Brain Death Research

5.  A Power Point Presentation titled "Life and Death - The Process" 

6.  Cultural Soul Departure Point: Cape Reinga

7.  "The Near Death Experience Should Be Able To Be Demonstrated 
Empirically" Article

8.  "Neurology - Brain Death" 

9.  "People Have Near Death Experinces While Brain Dead"

Best of luck with your research and story.

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