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Subject: The Functions of a Search Coil/ Hall Probe

Date: Sun Apr 30 23:03:14 2006
Posted by Richie
Grade level: 10-12 School: Kings School
City: Sydney State/Province: N.S.W. Country: AUS
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1146463394.Ph

I seem to be confused as i'm designing an experiment involving; aiming to
achieve the magnetic flux density by varying the distance of 2 soleniods B=kd.
In order for this simple experiment i need to use a hall probe and research gave
me:the uses of search coils, i'm now confused between logging in results as why
the use of a hall probe is need as main research gave me the hall effect
principle's and confused me between the functions of a hall probe and that of a
search coil? why the hall probe is needed for the specific experiment? and the
relevance of the hall effect principle to measuring the magnetic flux density? 

Re: The Functions of a Search Coil/ Hall Probe

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