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Subject: Why is natural gas better than diesel as a fuel for electricity

Date: Wed Jun 21 09:20:56 2006
Posted by Paul
Grade level: 10-12 School: Yaba Upper School
City: Lagos State/Province: Lagos Country: Nigeria
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1150906856.Eg

My School has just replaced its diesel generator with one powered by natural 
gas (we generate our own electricity to compensate for disruptions from the 
public supply).

Our headmaster says it is more efficient? Both the new one and the old one are 
reciprocating internal combustion engines. However one uses diesel fuel and 
the new one uses natural gas.

Our science teacher could not say why or how much more efficient. My Dad says 
that diesel is heavier than gas and is therefore cheaper to truck around.

Please explain if gas is more efficent and explain why

Re: Why is natural gas better than diesel as a fuel for electricity

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