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Subject: re4:Do other fields also bend where materials of different densities meet?

Date: Thu Jun 15 19:39:05 2006
Posted by Roman r.
Grade level: 10-12 School: Staten Island Technical High School
City: Staten Island State/Province: New York Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1150425545.Ph

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"The effect of a medium on the electric field is described by the electrical
permittivity, on the magnetic field respectively by the magnetic susceptibility."
Could this be used to direct an electric field out of a charged plate so that
the field lines will travel perpendicular to the plate's surface. I mean, do the
same thing an optical lense does for a bulb of light, if placed properly, a
lense could make the diverging rays travel parallel out of the lense. 

"Gravity waves can also be bent. Gravitational fields are affected by energy or
mass. So if you look at a distant galaxy and there is some enormous amount of
mass in between you and the galaxy its light will be diffracted. Actually this
has already been observed. "

This describes how gravity could be used to bend the path of light. What i'm
interested in is trying to bend gravity itself. 

Lets say, just like electric and magnetic fields, gravity fields have lines. I
think that its safe to assume that if you draw the field in the form of lines,
these lines will be coming out of an object just as the electric field lines
come out of charged particle. Now, my first question was whether, like light
rays, electric/magnetic field lines could be bent. My second question is whether
a simliar process could be done towards these theoretical gravity lines.

Re: re4:Do other fields also bend where materials of different densities meet?

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