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Re: Do arachnids , myriapods and insects have blood?What colour is the blood?

Date: Mon Jul 3 19:35:00 2006
Posted By: Elizabeth Mule, Staff, Suburban Safari, LLC, Suburban Safari, LLC
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1151892915.Gb

I will focus my answer on arachnids. I'm less familar with insects and 
myriapods.  The circulatory system of spiders is very different from that 
of mammals. In mammals the circulatory system is closed. Arteries branch 
but end within the tissues. 

Spider blood is called hemolymph. Hemolymph is a clear sticky liquid with 
a blue-green tint.  There are four kinds of cells that make up this 
hemolymph and the one that is most like our white blood cells is called 
hemocytes.  These cells behave very similar to lymphocytes in mammals, 
forming antibodies to fight infection.

Hemocyanin does the work of the red blood cells but it is not contained 
in cells but flows throughout the hemolymph.

I hope this helps!

Elizabeth Mule'

Schultz, S. and Schultz, M (1998) The Tarantula Keepers Guide.  Barrons: 

The Spider: http://www

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