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Subject: Habitable zones, how are they calculated (formulas, not conjecture)?

Date: Tue Jul 11 13:38:23 2006
Posted by Gabriel
Grade level: undergrad School: n/a
City: Winnipeg State/Province: Manitoba Country: Canada
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1152650303.As

I looking through this webpage on extrasolar planets
I notices very detail habitable zone diagrams. I understand that there are 
very specific figures that can be determined (and would be needed for these 
diagrams) and I would like to know the formula, Not the conjecture on the 
definition of a "Habitable Zone," but how these specific range figures are 
^This site gives a formula for a median, but the chart shows a band/range.
^This website gives the ranges for our solar system:
"the HZ for our own Solar System currently extends from at least 0.95 AU to 
1.37 AU"

I searched the archives, nothing comes up on HZ ranges, so please consider my 
question again.

PS: you may need an Astrophysics category. And I notice that Angelle Tanner 
(UCLA) likes answering these questions.

Re: Habitable zones, how are they calculated (formulas, not conjecture)?

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